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Lockdown Diaries 2

Life in lockdown can be exceptionally lonely, which is why, as Katie Fox attests, it can help to have some animal companions.
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March 6, 2020- By Katie Fox

Katie Fox tells us of her life under lockdown as a hardworking single mother of five unruly animals.

If you ever walk into the Fox family household, you will meet 4 humans, 3 cats, and 2 dogs.

I could write about my mum’s endless baking and gardening, my dad and brother working from home, and me trying to hide my alcohol consumption from my family amongst the rediscovering of childhood hobbies during lockdown, but I know that’s not what the people truly want.

If you follow me on Instagram or are lucky enough to be on my regular snapchat friends list, you will know who the love of my life is. She is needy and attention seeking, and not afraid to yell until she gets what she wants (can’t imagine where she gets that from). She is, of course, my overweight black cat, Inca. My routine now consists of being woken every morning, not by the dreaded alarm telling my hungover self to get to my 8.30 lecture, but by the meows of a cat who wants to get under the covers for her morning spoon. Honestly who needs a relationship when you can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race with a dribbly and demanding fat cat?

I know I am lucky to be surrounded by my human and animal family.

Alongside being a full-time cat mum, one of the other things keeping me sane during lockdown is walking the dogs in the woods near my house. Everyone seems to have a new appreciation for (socially distanced) human interaction on walks. Dogs bring great joy during the most mundane of times, and Cody (the dumber fluffier one of our two) lives for greeting strangers. People are cautious about stroking the dogs they encounter on walks, but that doesn’t stop Cody’s big soft-eyed charms making strangers smile and baby talk him while he happily waggles about. I often have to bribe him to follow me home instead of adopting himself into other people’s households. He is not the most loyal of dogs.

Life under lockdown for the fox family pets is heaven. More humans dropping crumbs around mealtimes, more chance for cuddles from us sitting on sofas and beds instead of being at work or out and about. I know I am lucky to be surrounded by my human and animal family. If you are in a more isolated position but are able to get out and about for a walk, a little wagging tail from a furry face might be the thing to give you a smile. If you can’t get out, or live in a less animal populated area, feel free to reach out and join the daily cat update crew on my Instagram.

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