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A Fresher’s Guide to Packing for University

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A Fresher’s Guide to Packing for University

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams gives us the down low on all the university essentials for every fresher

If you are a returning Exeter student, you’ll already know the basics of what you need and don’t need at university. If you’re going to be a fresher in September, however, you might need a little bit more help. It can be easy to panic about packing for uni whether you’re a new or returning student, so hopefully these five tips will give you some guidance!

  • I’d suggest checking what is provided by either your university or private accommodation. This is important when it comes to bathroom and kitchen items as well as basic bedroom furniture, so it’s really good to you double check what will already be laid on so that you don’t end up with unnecessarily duplicates! You may need to spend a lot less money on items than you think if they’re already included in your accommodation. 
  • Remember to bring kitchen and bathroom items (that aren’t already included!), cutlery, crockery, cooking equipment, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel are a few examples of these essentials. You don’t need anything fancy, but you can’t really live without them. Of course, you’ll also need bedding and décor for your room.
  • Pack plenty of clothes, but don’t buy loads of new clothes at the beginning of the year! My style changes constantly at uni, and I know a lot of people are similar, so I’d recommend taking clothes you already have and then picking up new bits and pieces for your wardrobe if they take your fancy throughout the term. You might end up getting a load of clothes you’ll barely even wear otherwise!
  • Bring important documents – this is a boring one, but make sure you have photo ID for going out and buying alcohol, etc. You should also bring your uni acceptance letter just in case. Also chuck in a few spare passport photos in case you need them.
  • Stationery and electricals – don’t spend too much money on stationary because you’ll get through it extremely quickly. However, do invest in a good quality laptop if you don’t already have one. I spent most of my first year without a fully functioning PC and it made my life a lot more difficult than it needed to be when I had to faff around with a Bluetooth keyboard connected to my iPad. Also, get a sensible bag to store these things in. I would recommend a basic backpack – I really like the Vans ones as they look good, come in a range of sizes, colours and patterns, they also last a long time.

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