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A guide to christmas charity campaigns

Print Lifestyle Editor Zoe Sperry shares a guide to the Christmas charity campaigns we can all get involved in this Christmas time.
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A guide to Christmas charity campaigns

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Print Lifestyle Editor Zoe Sperry shares a guide to the Christmas charity campaigns we can all get involved in this Christmas time.

For some of us, the festive season is a time marked by love, communion, delicious food, and, of course, gifts. But unfortunately, for many people this is not a reality; those living in vulnerable and critical conditions can find this time of year incredibly difficult. Thankfully, numerous charities are running campaigns this year to help those who are struggling to find joy this Christmas; and here are some ways you can get involved.

Every year, Samaritan’s Purse runs Operation Christmas Child where they deliver shoeboxes filled with gifts, toys, and essential supplies to children around the world. Their website provides a step-by-step guide on how to get involved; simply find a shoebox, fill it with toys and other hygiene and school supplies, and drop it off at one of their many locations across the UK during National Collection Week (15-22 November). The nearest drop off point in Exeter is at Southgate Estates on South Street – so dust off that shoebox from your most recent shopping spree, fill it with love, and give back to a child in need.

BookTrust, a charity that provides children with books and encourages reading, is also running a Christmas appeal to send books to vulnerable children; either children spending Christmas away from their families, or those in families that are experiencing a challenging time. Simply donate £10, and one lucky child will receive a surprise book. Reading is a luxury that not everyone can afford, so why not make a child smile with the gift of literature?

If you’re feeling more active this festive season, then perhaps you could hold a fundraising event. Crisis is a charity that works to end homelessness, and this year they’re providing shelter, food, companionship, and guidance to those living on the streets during the holiday season. To help them on this mission, Crisis is encouraging people to raise money for them by holding fundraising events this Christmas. If you sign up to Make it Crisis you will receive a free online kit with event ideas, decorations and materials, and tips on how to hold the best Christmas event. This way, you can turn whatever Christmas party you had planned into a good cause – it can’t get any jollier than that.

These are just a few charities that are holding Christmas campaigns this year – but of course any charity, whether they have festive plans or not, needs your help. Simply donating money is already an excellent way to spread the Christmas cheer. Or perhaps, the next time you are stocking up on all the festive foods at the supermarket, you could throw into your basket some extra items to be donated to the Exeter Food Bank. Their website has a list of what is most in need at the moment, as well as the various donation center addresses across Exeter. The spirit of Christmas is all about giving back – so please spread the love to those who need it most right now.

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