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Home News “Your mum cleans Lafrowda”: EURFC ‘Hymn Sheet’ controversy

“Your mum cleans Lafrowda”: EURFC ‘Hymn Sheet’ controversy

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The Exeter University Rugby and Football Club has found themselves in controversy following a self-described ‘Hymn Sheet’ containing parody-style songs which students have described as “sexist” and “classist”.

Excerpts Exeposé obtained from an anonymous source include a reference to “dirty skets”, as well as a song entitled ‘Polytechnic Idiots’. This song features lyrics mocking working class students, including “1+1 2+2 / These are sums that you can’t do […] We pay off your student loan […] One day you will work for me” and “We’ve all made your mothers moan”.

The ‘Hymn Sheet’ also also included a chant proclaiming “Your mum cleans Lafrowda” several times over.

The front page of the leaflet has both a picture of the EURFC logo and a picture of club members chanting/singing whilst wearing shirts and the club tie alongside the title, “EURFC Hymn Sheet”.

One second year student told Exeposé that “it is disappointing that students at such a prolific Exeter society feel the need to mock students who might not have experienced the same advantages as them or come from the same background.

The comments are disgusting and appear to reflect a culture of discrimination and bullying which shouldn’t be a part of any society.

Exeposé reached out to the EURFC, Athletics’ Union and University Press Office for comment.

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