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New Releases: Laufey – Bewitched

Rachel McEwan discusses Laufey's latest album, Bewitched, and its revitalisation of jazz music.
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Following the success of her song ‘Falling Behind’ on TikTok, Laufey released her album, Bewitched, at an opportune time to bank on her triumph. The Icelandic singer beautifully romanticises heartache in this album as she pines for an absent lover. 

Having broken the all-time record as the biggest debut for a jazz album in Spotify history, Laufey reintroduces jazz to modern listeners. Taking instrumental inspiration from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and lyrical genius Taylor Swift, she puts her personal flair on the classical sound. While merging elements of 1960s jazz with the more honest lyrical components of modern pop through classical accompaniments and softly sung relatable lyrics, Laufey narrates modern dating issues. Showing more independence than the women of her genre – reflecting the change in social organisation over time – Laufey is determined to remain true to herself, not letting a boy ‘catch the dreamer’ in her.

Laufey reintroduces jazz to modern listeners

Laufey’s album Bewitched enraptures a movie-like sentimentality. Listeners indulge in her fairytale dreams of love. Just as Laufey makes clear it is easy to lose yourself in the idea of love, it is easy to lose yourself in this bewitching album.

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