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EUCA comments on alleged connections to dead deer

Following the anonymous source claiming the two freshers responsible for carrying the dead deer through campus have links to the Conservative Association, a spokesperson for EUCA comments that the action was not in connection to the society. Editor-in-Chief, Jamie Speka, reports on the incident.
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Following an anonymous tip made to Exeposé claiming that the two freshers who carried the deer through campus have connections to the Exeter University Conservative Association (EUCA), a spokesperson for the society has made clear that the actions were not in connection to the Society or any of their events. The anonymous source has claimed that one of the freshers is on EUCA’s committee and that officials within EUCA have “attempted to privately defend [the freshers’] behaviour”. EUCA has deemed it “inappropriate to comment further on the ongoing University investigation.”

The society adds that they encourage anyone affected to reach out to the University Wellbeing Services.

Photo via University of Exeter Facebook Group “Overheard”

Both of the freshers reportedly “did not care” and “bragged about [the instance] in their flat group chat entitled ‘fresh meat'”. A video sent to Exeposé, which can not be revealed to protect the identity of those involved, depicts the pair dancing to John Newman’s “Love Me Again” in their Birks Grange accommodation following the incident.

On the night of the incident, an online Facebook Group entitled “Parents and Carers of Students at the University of Exeter” posted an image of a text message to “make people aware”. One parent’s son rang his parent “that armed police are outside of Birks Grange” in response to alleged reports of “students in [their blocks] with guns and knives”.

Photo provided from the anonymous source of Facebook Group entitled “Parents and Carers of Students at the University of Exeter”

At the same time, the University reports that the students instead purchased the dead deer as venison from a game dealer and brought it onto campus.

A spokesperson for the University of Exeter explains “We have investigated the incident and spoken to the students involved as well as offered support to students who raised concerns.” However, they have not concluded every aspect of the investigation so they will not comment further at this stage. The RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has started an independent investigation into the matter in collaboration with the police, not yet ruling out potential illegal activities.

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