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Review: Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club

Online Music Editor, Maya Fernandes, discusses her thoughts on a recent viewing of Cabaret on the West End
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Image: EKSTASY via Wikimedia Commons

At the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to go into London to watch the West End production of Cabaret at the Playhouse Theatre. I’ve never seen Cabaret, and know very little about the production other than its titular track and a very short snippet of the 1972 movie. Approaching the evening, I thought I would be out of my depth, or that the show’s artistic styling would feel intimidating or gauche. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the moment I entered the Playhouse Theatre, re-imagined as the Kit Kat Club, I felt fully immersed in the experience of 1930s Berlin. The whole production was an immersive experience with offerings of schnapps, champagne and a host of performers before the show had even begun.

… the choreography, set design and athleticism of this whole production was unbelievable.

In this production, Cara Delevingne makes her Broadway debut alongside Olivier Award-winning actor Luke Treadaway as the Emcee. Whilst my knowledge of musical theatre is critically low, I must say that the choreography, set design and athleticism of this whole production was unbelievable. A real standout for me was Treadaway’s Emcee, the charismatic but utterly terrifying embodiment of metropolitan nightlife. The role has previously been played by Alan Cumming in the 1993 London revival and Eddie Redmayne who is currently featuring in the show’s transfer to Broadway.

It’s a brilliant show, performed with complete freedom and emotional intensity. Whether you’re already a Cabaret fan, or a complete newcomer to the musical like me, I would most definitely recommend this production.


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