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‘Girls Do Lift’ event comes to campus

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Five students from the Business School have organised two hour-long gym workshops this weekend, in an attempt to encourage more female students to try out weightlifting.

Having experienced for themselves the lack of females in the Lower Weights Room on campus, Elizabeth Down, Rebecca Lissmann, Molly Smith, Barbara Pelletier and Andrea McDougall decided it was time for the women of Exeter to pick up the barbell and challenge the notion that lifting is for boys. The group organised the event as part of their ‘Leading Change in Practice’ module.

The event is open to all girls from the University of Exeter, regardless of previous experience – and students don’t even need a gym membership. Female and male instructors will be leading the workshops, which are designed to demonstrate the basics and to combat the stereotypes and fears related to lifting weights.

Whilst the workshops are aimed at women, the organisers also encourage male students to support the event.

The two sessions are at 2-3pm and 3-4pm in the Lower Weights Room in the University of Exeter Sports Centre, this Saturday, 26 November. Any students who identify as female and want to learn more about lifting weights are being invited to click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event page.

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