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Finding a study space on campus

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It’s deadline season, and you’ve finally accepted that the fateful promise of ‘I’ll just work at home’ is a vicious lie. When your house is freezing and probably growing spores, the return to your bed is inevitable. So, the only option that remains is to battle the masses on campus for that coveted study space. To start with, come up with a time which you think is acceptable to face the morning, and then set your alarm for an hour earlier.

the only option that remains is to battle the masses on campus for that coveted study space

Do not hit snooze: when the competition for prime seating is this fierce, preparation is key. Upon arrival, discard any hopeful notions of acquiring a seat in, let’s say, a Pieminister booth, or a cosy loft table. You’ll need to be pragmatic, so head somewhere that has maximum capacity. Equally, don’t be too hard on yourself: hours upon end in the cold silence of the sanctuary is enough to induce a breakdown in the best of us.


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The library is a good place to start – this will minimise the need to lug your laptop and 10 textbooks around the entire circuit of the Forum in your search. The library offers a vast expanse of seating in tucked away corners, perfect for escaping the multitudes of MacBooks and festive Costa drinks. If you’re a more social being, the study rooms provide ample opportunity for you to surround yourself with equally bewildered and sleep deprived students.

Survey the area: you want to go for a desk that has access to plug sockets, whilst having the space to stretch out your numerous sheets of loose paper (who knows if they’re even relevant anymore) and possibly a nice window view to keep up morale. However, all this planning is extremely idealistic: in reality you’ll probably just end up at a cramped computer desk, only to sit and use your own laptop (sorry not sorry).

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