Exeter, Devon UK • Jul 12, 2024 • VOL XII

Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII

Campus catwalk

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As we get back to university life, two Lifestyle Writers discuss their campus fashion choices…


Molly Gilroy, Online Screen Editor

Arguably, I am a visually controversial Exeter student, being the furthest away from anyone who actively enjoys wearing gym stash to campus. I’m that person who wears heeled boots to campus and, after 3 years at Exeter, I am still committed to this mission. Trainers? No. Leggings? No. I cannot abide looking ‘casual’ – I only just started to wear jeans to campus and even my housemates turned round in some serious shock.

So what does this strange human wear? Well, my campus style is usually a little quirky, with a vintage undertone; pretty far from a leggings enthusiast. I feel my best in some kind of floral or minimalistic dress, and find these the easiest thing to put on in a morning panic for lectures, plus, it looks like you’ve made a hell of an effort. Also, velvet isn’t just a night out fabric – it’s one of my favourite fancy things to wear on a cold morning, with a day full of dissertation stress (third years woes are real I can assure you).

Overdressing is seriously my forte and I take inspiration from a lot of Parisian styles, but also love mixing clashing patterns together, so my style varies from day to day on campus. Feeling postmodern yet? Disclaimer: I have actually found a place in my fashion snobbery heart to love my Exeposé jumper (shameless plug) but that is probably the only time I’m gonna look like a typical Exetah student.


Alicia Rees, Comment Editor

Campus: The perfect runway for a plethora of outfits and a chance to reinvent yourself. Will you be a gym bunny? Channel some flares inspired chic? Roll out of bed wearing last night’s outfit? The options are endless, whatever your campus activity.

I personally like to embody all three with just a hint of stash. Find me ironically wearing gym leggings (I’ve never been in my life) one day, the next a low cut dress I wore to cheesies the night before which flashes just a tad too much tit to be appropriate for a seminar. I’ve got a combination for everyday of the week, and it’s never predictable.

There are days where I seize my chance to try and become the ultimate ‘cool girl’. The ethereal blonde who lives on kale and green smoothies, wears the most colourful vintage clothing in just the right proportions for her slight frame and can usually be found floating around the forum with a sense of humble importance and practised perfect calm. As a brunette who values chips too much and is perpetually sweating, achieving this look is about as likely as seeing Lord Sugar riding Shergar. About as far as I can get is my ever trustworthy culottes and (Exeposé) t-shirt. Maybe one day I’ll crack it, I’ll just have to keep at it I guess.

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