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Tuition fees debate

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Since it was announced that University tuition fees were increasing from £9,000 to £9,250 a year, there have been questions from students as to where this extra £250 a year per student is going.
Therefore, it appears only fitting that on 4 December, the Students Guild have invited Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor of University of Exeter, to debate with Amatey Doku, Vice-President Higher Education for NUS, about the Teaching Excellence Framework, and the future of tuition in Exeter.
This is a particularly contentious debate since it was revealed that Sir Steve receives an annual salary of £372,000 – one of the highest salaries for a vice-chancellor.
Whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate; studying on Streathem or St Luke’s, everyone is welcome to attend this event, hosted in The Forum Alumni Auditorium from 7pm, to hear what they have to say.
For people unable to attend the talk, it will be live-streamed from the event on Facebook.

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