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Stamping returns to the Lemmy

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Following huge demand and requests from the student body, Lemmy Stamps have been brought back. A Student Idea to bring back re-entry stamps at the Lemon Grove was intially rejected by the Guild, despite it passing first class with 177 votes.

It was revealed last week at Shadow Council that the idea had been dismissed on “commercial grounds”, being deemed that the idea would cross the £1,000 spending limit on
Student Ideas. However, it is likely that the decision made to re-introduce stamps is in the context of historically low attendance at the Lemon Grove, and therefore will no doubt encourage many of the students who voted to bring back stamps that allow re-entry to the nightclub. This is among others in light of one student commenting “I’ve been attending the Lemon Grove since my first day in this university. Now in my final year, I have never seen it so quiet. The only factor I can attribute to this is the removal of the stamp system. A real shame.”

Other feedback has also been acted upon, with Shades revealing at Shadow Council that the Saturday Lemmy will return to its old DJs, in response to concerns raised about changes to the style of music played.

The Students’ Guild has commented that “We are pleased to announce that due to the overwhelming demand expressed by the student body in recent weeks, the Saturday Lemmy Stamp-outs will be available once again! We have listened to the student voice and understand that it is a big appeal for the Lemmy nights. Thank you everyone who has taken part in our recent survey and engaged with Student Ideas in order to make such changes possible.”

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