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Exeter, Devon UK • [date-today] • VOL XII
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Exefest, the uni’s campus music festival, is no longer. Recently, Exeposé reported that the festival will not be held again due to financial losses from last year, as stated by VP Activities Becca Hanley. As someone who attended the festival last year, I have mixed feelings about this: Exefest was a really fun post-exams celebration, but it’s understandable that it would have resulted in a loss for the Guild, especially given the low price of tickets compared to the number of high-profile acts.

Thinking about it definitely fills my head with fond memories of first year freedom, vaguely summery weather and officially fulfilling my eleven-year-old self’s dream of belting out ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ at the top of my lungs. Really, the whole thing felt like an upmarket Year 7 disco, and I don’t mean that negatively. When else in life are you ever going to get the chance of seeing Cascada perform ‘Evacuate the Dancefloor’ live? Or get a ‘limited edition’ mojito pitcher in the Ram? Exefest did all of this for us, and I will miss it.

Then again, maybe it’s better off as a one-hit wonder: between the success of the festival and the high costs of it for the Guild, it would be a hard act to follow. Plus, if they raised ticket prices to accommodate for the high costs, I don’t see many students forking out extra to stand in the Great Hall all day, especially if the acts weren’t as impressive the second time round. And there’s definitely a lot of other things that the Guild’s money might be better spent on- maybe a renovation of the Lemmy, seeing as that’s on its deathbed too? Like most fun things students take part in, the festival was an epic all-day party that no one quite realised the cost of until it was over. RIP Exefest. It was fun while it lasted.

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