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Islamic Society raises over £14k

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The University of Exeter’s Islamic Society have raised £14,344.40 during Charity Week, which was held between 22 and 28 October. This amount surpasses the total amount raised last year.

The money was raised through a mixture of events held throughout Exeter as well as through online platforms. The events included a Fifa tournament, Kaspas dessert night, and ‘ultimate game show’, dodgeball and an annual dinner, which was held on 4th November. The society were also present with in the forum and at St Luke’s campus throughout the week with numerous bake sales, as well as fundraising in Exeter town centre.
The broader Masjid Community also raised between £3,764.97 during the week.

Islamic Society have raised £14,344.40 during Charity Week

The society was placed second in terms of institutions in the South region for their fundraising efforts. In addition, Exeter were presented with the SpaceX award for helping forge a sustainable environment for all members in Exeter to help further Charity Week initiatives for next year. They chose to fundraise through Islamic Relief (IR) because they believe that it is one of the most transparent and effective charities in the United Kingdom.

The money raised went towards numerous charities supporting orphans and children in need throughout the developing world.
These projects have included support for an orphan village in Mali, before and after school day centre in South Africa, training centres teaching vocational skills in Somalia, provision of a sustainable income for orphans in India, funding of orphanages and a school in Syria, girls’ education in Afghanistan and education and training in Pakistan.

“This year in particular it was absolutely mind blowing to have the sort of engagement we had with the wider Exeter community and wider student body”

– Madina Bengaly, President of University of the Exeter Islamic Society

Madina Bengaly, President of the University of Exeter Islamic Society told Exeposé: “Charity Week is a beautiful initiative which brings students together under the banner of doing a selfless act. The week primarily focuses on unity and fundraising for orphans and needy children, who are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. This year in particular it was absolutely mind blowing to have the sort of engagement we had with the wider Exeter community and wider student body in delivering the Charity Week message of unity and helping us fundraise. We hope this streak can only continue in the coming years.’’

Rosie McDonagh, VP Activities, said: ‘‘It’s great to see groups of students taker the opportunity to raise money for such a great cause. I’d like to congratulate all those involved in this great work.’’

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