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Trends I Hate : Shaggy Faux Fur Coats

Olivia Powell is back with her column: Trends I Hate- this week she tackles shaggy coats


Impracticality – 3.5/5
Unsightliness – 2/5
Suitablility – 4/5

Look, I get it. It’s winter, it’s cold, and all you want to do is wrap up nice and warm in a blanket away from the icy winds and freezing rain. However, that is no excuse to parade around in a coat that makes you look like Cruella DeVil’s weird cousin who has a penchant for skinning Muppets rather than dalmations. As we all know, online pictures always highlight the positives rather than the negatives, and shaggy faux fur coats are the biggest example of this. Looking at pictures of grinning girls with glossy blonde hair showcasing their furry fashion paired with pleather jeans and bandeau crop tops almost convinced me that maybe, just maybe, these coats weren’t so bad. But in person, you can tell that these coats are simply too good to be true. Firstly, the shedding – there is no way a coat this fluffy won’t leave little hairs all over everything. Secondly, the bright colours of this season plus this style of coat means that you have a furry coat which looks cool for maybe one party, then will be stashed out of sight until next year. Thirdly, have you felt ­what happens to shaggy faux fur when it gets wet? It’s super off-putting and gets very heavy, very quickly. Not exactly something you look for in a winter coat. Whilst I will say that these coats can look good on anyone, especially since the amount of colours you can find them in is astounding, practically speaking they’re just not worth it. If you really need your fluffy fix, opt for a faux-fur scarf, headband or a coat with a faux-fur collar; you can still keep warm without looking completely like a drowned rat if you happen to get caught in the rain.


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