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Trends I Hate – Lime Green

In this weeks column Olivia Powell delves into the newest trend- lime green


Impracticality – 1/5
Unsightliness – 4/5
Suitablility – 2/5

Look, I love a bright neon shade as much as the next girl, but I much prefer it when that neon shade is not assaulting my eyes with how bright it is. Neon green is apparently this season’s go-to shade, and I am not here for it. I went out the other day for some retail therapy, and instead came back with my eyes watering because of the offensively bright matching displays in most of the clothing shops. I am putting my foot down. Lime green is one of the nastiest shades of green, and whilst I will admit that it can look passable when paired with black, apparently bright white is more in this season, which honestly is the worst. I’m also really not here for the all-lime-green-matching-everything vibe that retailers are currently putting down. That being said, if you’re someone who has a medium-to-dark skin tone, lime green can look absolutely incredible on you, but as a milk-bottle white girl myself, lime green makes me look like a warning sign. I could make rock it as a very small element of a plaid pattern, maybe as element of an eye makeup look, potentially as a shoe if I’m feeling adventurous, but apart from that lime green and I will never be best buds. It’s just too bright and yellow-tinged to entice me, and honestly seeing it everywhere is really putting me off going into shops, which is excellent for my bank balance but not so good for my wardrobe. I hold out hope for spring, and the return of more muted, pastel shades once more.

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