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Excursions from Exeter: Teignmouth

Our columnist Lucy Yeeles shares why you should take a trip to Teignmouth


This week, I want to share one of the best places to visit from Exeter: Teignmouth. Teignmouth is a coastal town which is between the mouth of the River Teign and the South Devon coast, and is perfect for a day trip to get out of Exeter.

You can enjoy a Saturday or Sunday stroll on its long, sandy beach whilst admiring the view around you – it is pretty spectacular as you get views of the sea as well as the countryside and this is something I particularly like about the town. I find the sea very calming and peaceful, whilst the countryside makes me feel like I have really got out of Exeter, which is always needed.

By the beach, there is plenty to do. It has a pier and an arcade with mini golf, which makes for a fun day out. I would definitely recommend going to Teignmouth in summer, because they have watersports available, such as kayaking and paddle boarding. I went to Teignmouth at the end of last term, so I think I’m going to have to go back in summer to try these things!

As well as this, Teignmouth offers a wide range of shops! In addition to having a few chain shops, such as WHSmith, the town has a lovely selection of individual and authentic antique shops – I had to restrain myself when looking around, as there were so many potential purchases!

Whenever I find a new town where I haven’t been before, I really enjoy discovering hidden cafés and local restaurants, and Teignmouth certainly didn’t disappoint! There is an abundance of typical British seaside cafés and restaurants here. The fish and chips is delicious and fresh, and all locally caught.

It is very easy to get around the town as it is quite small, so walking from shop to shop or to restaurant was very quick. It is also worth mentioning that it is super easy to get to Teignmouth – just hop on the train from Exeter, it is about a half an hour direct train route. There are also many car parks if you wish to drive here.

Teignmouth has a lot of charm and character for a small coastal town, and is definitely worth a visit!

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