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Student Splurges: Crumpets

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Somehow or another, half the people in my flat haven’t tried crumpets and it makes me wonder every day why I chose to live with them. I mean, crumpets for me make up about 90% of my lunches – I have no idea how I’d live without them. They’re that meal you have when you’re out late and you can’t bothered to cook anything else when you get back, or that you have as a snack before a long journey home after visiting your granny. And yes, it does have to be Warburtons.

Sure they’re a little bit more expensive (still less than £1 a pack, but still) but I’ve tried the own brand ones and they’re just not the same – they’re either floury and dense or almost as thin as a pancake. Crumpets have to be airy and fluffy and too thick to fit in a toaster and when you slather on the butter it has to melt down into each and every hole. Not to mention the cheese – a controversial choice, I know, but there’s nothing better than long strings of melted cheese pulling away with every mouthful. Trust me, just try it.

Sure, I could just have toast, but that’s boring. Crumpets on the other hand are glorious, the perfect mix of the fluffy centre and the crunch of the toasted outside, the dripping cheese and the melting butter. They’re more than worth the splurge.

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