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Exeter commits to landmark green energy deal

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The realisation that we are now tackling an imminent and catastrophic climate crisis has reached widespread recognition. With some scientists warning of human extinction by 2050 if no drastic change occurs, this innovative green energy deal signed by Exeter and 19 other UK universities highlights the importance of action whilst encouraging hope in a society ridden by climate anxiety. 

The PPA Agreement sees an investment of £50 million over 10 years towards acquiring renewable energy from a selection of wind energy farms across Britain. This is the very first time that public sector energy users in the UK have been able to collaboratively purchase clean electricity, allowing smaller institutions access to a market previously dominated by large corporations. 

This innovative green energy deal … highlights the importance of action

This deal comes shortly after the University of Exeter declared a climate emergency back in May of this year, illustrating the significance of interventionism within such proclamations of support. 

The impact of Exeter’s involvement in the GW4 alliance should also be considered as climate researchers claim the region’s expertise has been instrumental in identifying crucial climate change dangers. We are yet to see what the total impact will be, but the deal certainly positions the universities at the centre of climate action incentives. 


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