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We Wear Clothes, Clothes Don’t Wear Us.

Alice Tate explores the importance of body positivity during lockdown.
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We Wear Clothes, Clothes Don’t Wear Us.

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Alice Tait explores the importance of body positivity during the Covid-19 lockdown.

As life has drastically slowed down and we’ve all been confined to the proximities of our homes, naturally our waistlines have probably taken a bit of a hit. In the extremely rare occurrence that I put on a pair of jeans, it becomes a rather uncomfortable and disheartening task. There is certainly less room to bloat after a big meal or even a large cup of tea, and within a couple of hours the top button is definitely being undone. Without our normal distractions, it is easy to become hyper-aware of our bodies and obsess over a number on the scales. However, it is healthy for our own mental wellbeing to take a step back and appreciate how beautiful and extraordinary our bodies truly are.

We are living through a global pandemic. These are unprecedented times; nobody told us how to prepare for such uncertainty and the toll it may take on our bodies. Remember, it is completely ok- and natural- for our bodies to change as we are trying to adapt and create a new ‘normal’. Whilst staying active and eating healthily are of course important, we must be kind to ourselves. Just getting out of bed every day can simply seem like a daunting task, so cut yourself some slack. Reward yourself for coping during this stressful time. Inevitably life has become more sedentary, but this will not last. At some point we will return to our lives as busy students or new graduates; be able to go to the gym, meet up with friends, and slowly get back to our normal routines.

Our bodies are incredible and extraordinary machines, giving us freedom and strength to explore the world. They are not simply a physical attribute to be judged meticulously in the mirror. During lockdown, I have found a new appreciation for my body. I feel thankful to be healthy and mobile; to be able to enjoy the fresh air and go on long walks (and the very occasional run). Your body is your home and it’s yours for life, so give it the love and appreciation it deserves.

“Your body is your home and it’s yours for life, so give it the love and appreciation it deserves

Social media can become saturated with images of unrealistic and seemingly unattainable body standards. It can feel like everyone has found a new passion for running or working out during lockdown, and it can be very easy succumb to such pressures. Take time to disconnect, embrace your own incredible body and not compare. These are extremely stressful and overwhelming times; you are not expected to start a stringent workout and diet regime or undergo a body transformation.

Most importantly remember that you are not alone, everybody will be to a certain extent struggling with accepting and embracing their changing figure. It is completely natural and normal for our bodies to change as life around us is in a flux of uncertainty and confusion. Give thanks for everything your body does for you and remember to always be kind to yourself.

Edited by – Print Lifestyle Editor Ceri Jackson

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