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Week 2 of the Great British Bake Off: A Review

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The Great British Bake Off, Week 2: A Review

Hattie Wheller looks back on week two of the GBBO featuring * spoilers *

The Bake Off started back up on our screens last week and its safe to say we weren’t disappointed. Matt Lucas opened the show as Bojo stating, “Stay alert, Bake cake, Save loaves”. We even saw Sura accidentally swat away Dave’s now not so upside down cakes and proceed to win the technical. As a result, week 2 struggled to stand up against the fabulous week that preceded it…

Stay alert. Bake cake. Save Loaves.

Week 2 was biscuit week. The 11 remaining contestants were challenged to make 36 chocolate Florentines for the signature bake. Paul Hollywood emphasised the need for a bend and ‘snap’, reminiscent of Elle Wood’s, but many failed in this endeavour. Rowan continued to entertain this week with his waistcoat Florentines, in honour of his very own waistcoat collection. Prue Leith also remarked that she was very worried about Marc’s “very large nuts”. The contestants made some wonderful creations, with Lottie even getting the famous Paul Hollywood handshake with her ‘Quarantine Florentines’, stating “I’m never going to wash my hands again”.

Macaroons! Photo by Divani Jayatilleke on Unsplash

Next was the technical challenge. The brief was to make 12 hand shaped coconut macaroons filled with chocolate and mango. This task went relatively smoothly in comparison to week one. However, Rowan’s looked like “the cat had a bit of an accident”. Dave’s luck was on his side this week, managing to avoid the wrath of Sura just this once and winning the technical.

Finally, the time had come for the Showstopper. The contestants had to make a 3D biscuit setting from a memorable meal they had previously had. Unfortunately, their creations were not quite so memorable…

Rowan proved to us that worse things definitely happen at sea, with his ramshackle light house, whilst Mak’s flat pack Indian chai tea set failed to make an impact. Even the more successful bakes fell flat.  Nevertheless, Dave’s ‘Waiting for Taco’s’ seemed to dazzle the judges. Finally, the results were in…

Dave was clearly the winner this week, achieving the hotly contested star baker. Whilst Mak’s flat pack tea set sent him packing.

Although the week was fun to watch, it definitely didn’t compare to the opening episode. Nevertheless, next week’s episode looks set to be entertaining.  Bread week is on the horizon and Marc’s spilt milk promises to be hilarious…

Cover Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

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