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Are Little Moons really worth the hype?

Lauryn Mitchell reviews TikTok's viral sweet treats
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Are Little Moons really worth the hype?

Image: Kiliweb, Open Food Facts

Lauryn Mitchell reviews TikTok’s viral sweet treats

There is a lot going on in the world right now, but obviously the most important thing on every young person’s mind is the phenomenon, Little Moons. Sales of Little Moons have skyrocketed- increasing by 700 per cent in just one week, all thanks to TikTok. This huge increase in sales meant that they were almost sold out everywhere, only making the public more desperate to try them. Due to the low availability, only a selected few have been lucky enough to actually try these sweet treats. Thankfully, I am one of them. 

Little Moons are mochi balls filled with ice cream, coming in a wide variety of flavours – ranging from vegan chocolate to pistachio. The flavour that took my fancy (and half of my maintenance loan) was passion fruit and mango which is part of their vegan selection. After waiting for the painstaking five minutes advised on the box, I took my first bite…

At first I was extremely sceptical as they were not what I had expected. The mochi was a chewy texture, nothing like I had ever tasted before. After getting over the textural surprise, I was hooked. 

These little bites of happiness would be a great low-calorie option (at only 69 calories), if it wasn’t for the fact that it is almost impossible not eating the whole box. The only set back that I experienced was the price; £4.50 seems a little extortionate for such a small treat.

So, would I recommend trying them? Hell yes! They are like no other sweet treat I have tried before so are definitely worth the higher-than-normal price. All I can say is good luck finding them, because they are currently like gold dust. 


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