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Dangerous fire on Dartmoor extinguished

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Dangerous fire on Dartmoor extinguished

Image: Tomorrow Never Knows via Wikimedia Commons

Maggie John discusses dangerous fire at moorland in Dartmoor extinguished midday on Friday 12th February.

On Thursday 11 February, a huge fire broke out on a remote moorland in Dartmoor. The blaze started near Peter Tavy, a small village outside of Tavistock. The fire engulfed 5km of the moor and it was a struggle for firefighters to reach it, due to its remote location. By midday on Friday 12 February, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the fire was out. 

Hampshire Fire and Rescue supported the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service in preventing the fire from spreading any further. The blaze could be seen in parts of Cornwall and Devon as the flames lit up the sky. 

“it was not clear how or where the fire started, but that strong winds pushed it further across the moorland”. 

Rob Steemson, Dartmoor National Park emergency officer

According to Bruce Farquharson, from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service , “winter fires are not uncommon due to the extreme cold drying out vegetation” which means “it takes the slightest spark to ignite the fire and it will burn very quickly and spread very quickly”. 

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