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Best brunch spots in Exeter

Lucy Evans takes us on a tour of the best places to enjoy brunch in Exeter.
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Best brunch spots in Exeter

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Lucy Evans takes us on a tour of the best places to enjoy brunch in Exeter.

If you’re a brunch lover like me, you’ll be pleased to know that Exeter has a wide array of brunch spots suited for many different budgets and occasions. Here are my favourites:

Boston Tea Party

My top pick for brunch is the well-loved Boston Tea Party. Situated on Queen’s street in the very heart of the city centre, Boston Tea Party is a well-loved brunch spot for Exeter students. My personal favourite is the Eggs Benedict, which I get almost every time I visit (which is too often). If I’m feeling spontaneous, the American Pancakes with blueberry compote is also a go-to. Whether it’s for a catch-up with friends or a solitary study session, the good quality food and quirky decor makes Boston Tea Party a top brunch pick.

Pura Vida

Next on this best brunch list is one of the amazing independent cafes we have here in Exeter. Despite being a relatively new find for me, Pura Vida is already proving to be one of my favourite cafes. After trying their smoothie bowls on an impromptu visit, Pura Vida’s good quality food won me over. What’s even better is that brunch at Pura Vida is perfect for a student budget! The funky artwork displayed on the walls makes Pura Vida a very picturesque place to enjoy brunch with friends.


Bill’s is a firm brunch favourite for many here in Exeter and beyond. Their Garden Plate boasts an array of vegetarian alternatives to a traditional breakfast such as halloumi and avocado. This, paired with the delicious Many Berry Smoothie, is the perfect way to treat yourself and some friends this term. The stylish and decadent decor also adds a little bit of glamour to a brunch outing, making it feel like a special occasion. If I’m feeling a little fancy, brunch at Bill’s is the way to go.

Pink Moon

Basing its food and atmosphere on Californian lifestyle, Pink Moon is mostly famous for its tacos. After trying some myself and falling in love with the restaurant, brunching at the sometimes-cafe sometimes-club was the logical next step. Their smoothie bowls not only look gorgeous, in a baby pink bowl and topped with fruit and oats, they taste amazing too. The aesthetic pink tiled wall and neon signs also makes Pink Moon the perfect place to Instagram your brunch outing.

If you’re a fellow brunch lover looking for a few spots to catch up with friends, why not try these top picks or even explore a few new brunch places in Exeter.

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