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Student Guild Election Results

Gracie Moore, Online Arts & Lit Editor, reports on the results of the 2024 Student Guild Election.
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The results of Exeter’s Student Guild Elections were announced on the 2nd of February after many weeks of candidates campaigning as to why they should be the next students to fill the roles.

At the top of the tree, Alex Martin becomes our new Guild President, a role in which he will lead the Guild along with the other full time officers and be representative for students. He will work with senior leaders at the University, taking our needs and beliefs into consideration in order to create a more cohesive relationship between students and the Guild itself. Alex has had lots of experience working with the Guild so students are hopeful that they will see some helpful changes as he will also be an Officer Trustee and the Chair of the Trustee Board.

Alex Martin becomes our new Guild President

One of the other roles in the Students’ Guild is that of Societies and Employability. This role involves the championing of all societies, helping with creating events as well as working with students to help them make the most of the career zone employability support offered by the University. India Walton-Salmon will take on this role and has been embedded in many societies before, being on the committee for four of them so she wants to use her experience to help committee members get the support they need.

India Walton-Salmon takes over as Societies and Employability Officer

Societies and Employability was a new role opened by the Guild last year along with the Communities and Equality Officer. The latter of the two will be taken up by Thomas Tran who is hoping to bring “radical allyship” to the Guild. He identifies as Asian-American, queer, neurodivergent and is an international student so he believes he will be able to make a tangible change. This role will promote equality and diversity on campus and it will ensure that all groups are represented fairly.

Communities and Equality Officer: Thomas Tran

Sebastian Racisz will take on the role of Education Officer in the 2024-25. This role will help to ease the experience of things like lectures, exams, the use of ELE and our allowances as students (for example: mitigation and late submission.) Sebastian says that they can be tough and wants to help students in every way he can to make it smoother. There is more to education than just lectures and exams and Sebastian hopes to work on progressing all sides to education in Exeter.

Sebastian Racisz will take on the role of Education Officer

The penultimate role decided in the recent Guild Elections was that of the Student Living Officer. Kira Brookes will take on this role; a role that is designed to help students with their living experiences. Kira is cognisant of the difficulties students face in experiencing a smooth process with housing amid the cost of living crisis and therefore wants to use her experience on various society committees to represent the diverse range of students she has encountered on her Exeter journey. Inclusivity is important to Kira.

Student Living Officer: Kira Brookes

Finally, Chloe Whitworth was named as the next Sports President. She will work closely with the Athletic Union to ensure fair access to sport and facilities for all and help to improve funding for sports societies. This year, Chloe was the Club Captain of Exeter’s Women’s Football and Futsal. She has been on this committee for two years so hopes that this experience will help her to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Chloe Whitworth was named as the next Sports President

Exeter students are keen to see how the new officers will develop within these roles and how their varying experiences can help to strengthen our Students Guild.

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