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Exeposé is created by a diverse group of editors, all of whom are passionate about journalism. Our editors are students, who write, design and manage the paper and website in their spare time. Each section’s editorial team has two editors dedicated to the paper and two editors dedicated to the website.

We are all proud to be working on Exeposé this academic year.

2019-2020 Exeposé Editorial Team


Online: Ellie Cook and Harry Caton

Print: Isabelle Gray and Aaron Loose

News Team:

Online: Emma Hussain

Print: Henry Jones and Louis Donohoe

Comment Team:

Online: Olly Haynes

Features Team:

Online: Bryan Knight

Print: Will Harrop and Jaysim Hanspal

Lifestyle Team:

Online: Amy Butterworth and Emily Pirie

Print: Anna Romanovska and Izzy Cole

Music Team:

Online: Megan Frost and Stephen Ong

Print: Bryony Gooch and Richard Ainslie

Screen Editors:

Online: Jacob Heayes and Abi Taphouse

Print: Sam Thomson and Johnny Chern

Arts & Lit Editors:

Online: Ariane Joudrey and Greta Sanna

Print: Zach Mayford and Cherry-Anastasia Chan

Science Editors:

Online: Sira Charbel

Print: Scarlett Parr-Reid and Elinor Jones

Sport Editors:

Online: Nick Powell and Ben Dickenson Bampton

Print: René Bahar and Josh Brown

Chief Photographer:

Rory Selvey

Foreign Correspondent Coordinator:

Maddie Baker

Social Secretaries:

Sarah Abrahams and Olivia Gomez