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Exeposé is created by a diverse group of editors, all of whom are passionate about journalism. Our editors are students, who write, design and manage the paper and website in their spare time. Each section’s editorial team has two editors dedicated to the paper and two editors dedicated to the website.

We are all proud to be working on Exeposé this academic year.

2017-2018 Exeposé Editorial Team:



Online: Phoebe Davies and Ollie Lund

Print: Emma Bessent and Owain Evans

Deputy Editors: Tash Ebbutt & Graham Moore

News Team:

Online: Nicki Avasthi and Ruby Bosanquet

Print: Natalie Keffler and Megan Davies

Comment Team:

Online: Hannah Weiss and Harry Bunting

Print: Alicia Rees and Malcom Wong

Features Team:

Online: Matthew Phillips and Daphne Bulger

Print: James Angrove and Isabel Taylor

Lifestyle Team:

Online: Bethan Gilson and Melissa Barker

Print: Lauren Geall and Barbara Balogun

Music Team:

Online: Chloë Edwards and George Stamp

Print: Maddy Parker and Alex Brammer

Screen Editors:

Online: Molly Gilroy and Jonathon Chern

Print: Fenton Christmas and Ben Faulkner

Arts & Lit Editors:

Online: Ellie Cook and Emily Garbutt

Print: Mubanga Mweemba and Maddie Davies

Science Editors:

Online: Ayesha Tandon and Rhys Davies

Print: Leah Crabtree

Sport Editors:

Online: Michael Jones and Kieran Jackson

Print: Dorothea Christmann and Will Jones


Lea Esteban & Christy Chin

Foreign correspondents:

Dimi Mina

Social Secretary:

Tom Murphy and Nick Marsden