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The Alternative Freshers Flu Fix

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Although many people still debate about the origins of this terrible affliction, Freshers’ Flu is a yearly reminder that we are still young adults who are not capable of taking care of ourselves. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a third year, Freshers’ Flu (or ‘the flu’ as some people call it) is an inevitable part of university life.

If you’re interested in drug-free remedies, I’d recommend turmeric. Typically used in your standard curry, the idea of turmeric being a superfood may seem unlikely, but studies have shown it can help battle depression, asthma, and eczema. My grandmother always used it for colds, and I was never sick for more than two days at her house. I’d recommend mixing two spoons of turmeric powered with warm milk and two spoons of honey if you want it to actually taste decent. Despite the violent yellow colour, it tastes pretty good, and has antibacterial properties as well as helping your sleep.

Another alternative is Lucozade. Unexpected I know, but Lucozade boost your energy when you’re really exhausted, and I always found the orange flavouring made food more palatable when I refused to eat anything. If you’re fussy about drinking water, it’s always a good way to rehydrate and the original Lucozade was actually sold as a cure-all tonic, once upon a time.

Obviously, if you’re desperately sick, you might be better sticking with actual medicine recommended by your doctor, but if you’re open to drug-free alternatives, I’d definitely recommend trying these out.

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