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No Refreshers in 2018

Image Credit: WIkimedia Commons

Refreshers’ Week is unlikely to be going ahead this year. This is due to there not being the capacity to carry one out with A&V currently lacking a manager, and therefore there being a lack of staff support, and it not being necessarily financially viable. This was discussed in Wednesday’s Shadow Council.

Although Refreshers was one of Becca Hanley, VP Activities’ manifesto points, there is also the thought that Refreshers’ shouldn’t necessarily be down to just a Sabb, but rather should be something that the University make sure they carry out regardless.

The Students’ Guild commented that “We’ve had a great year for societies submitting events to benefit their members. In the past we have held a ‘Refreshers’ event which invited societies to re-do taster sessions in January which has previously been led by a Sabbatical Officer.

“This year Refreshers’ will not be going ahead. It is a process that is continually reviewed and we look to bring back Refreshers’ in the future. We can’t wait to see what our society leaders are planning for Term 2 and we encourage all of our members to look at new opportunities by joining a society.”


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