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Students organise Polish ambassador’s visit

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Arkady Rzegocki, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, recently visited the University of Exeter to speak on the topic of “Polish-British relations after Brexit.”

The Polish Society, in cooperation with the Diplomatic Hub, invited Ambassador Rzegocki to visit the University of Exeter. Both students and staff from the university attended the talk, as well as prominent members of Exeter’s Polish community.

Anna Pawluk, president of the Polish Society stated that “the turnout was fantastic – we had over 110 people, both students and staff at the university as well as some special guests from the Polish community of Exeter. The ambassador was very thankful for the invitation and the ability to come back to Exeter and speak to the student community.”

Ambassador Rzegocki has visited the University of Exeter previously. In 2015 the Ambassador gave a talk on the history of Poland’s independence, as well as Poland’s involvement in international politics.

Following the talk, attendees were given the chance to explore the topic of Polish-British relations during a Q&A with the Ambassador. Afterwards, the audience were offered the opportunity to participate in networking with the Ambassador, where they could further discuss the points raised in his speech.

Arkady Rzegocki is a political scientist and professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, specialising in Polish and English political thought, the concept of national interest (raison d’État) and the issue of soft power. The Ambassador has been promoting knowledge of Poland in the United Kingdom for many years, aiming to strengthen relations between the two countries.


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