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Dread Week! – GBBO Week 3 Review

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Dread Week! – GBBO Week 3 Review

Jess Steward reviews week 3 of the GBBO – Bread Week, or as she calls it ‘Dread Week!’

Week 3 of Bake Off was Bread Week, and with the better bakers beginning to show themselves, those who originally seemed as though they may win started to show cracks. The bakers had to attempt Soda Bread, Rainbow Bagels and a Harvest Festival Sheaf inspired showstopper. Bread Week arguably being the most dreaded for bakers, yet amusing for viewers saw quite a few blunders, from under baked dough to flavourless bakes.

Overall, the week saw great success with a Cornish based soda bread, some beautiful rainbow bagels and a colourful intricate Dharma Wheel causing Marc to win star baker. Despite covering himself in buttermilk within the first ten minutes, his bakes were well formed, well flavoured and well baked. However, tasteless Soda Bread, poorly formed bagels and an overcomplicated, tasteless showstopper meant that Rowan was sent home for being ‘all style, no substance’, as Paul stated.

Bread Week truly did separate the wheat from the chaff

Although as a whole, Bread Week was fairly uneventful it truly did separate the wheat from the chaff. Pete, who in the first week I had decided was a contender to win, didn’t quite RISE to the occasion and wasn’t able to PROVE himself. It is very clear that the weaker bakers are becoming more and more apparent but, it is still completely unpredictable who will win.

Ultimately, Week 3 was probably the most technical of the weeks so far, with the need to boil bagels pre-baking coming as a shock to bakers. However, the rainbow bagels got Paul into some hot water himself. This trouble surrounding the bread developed as Ofcom complaints came flooding in when he failed to associate them with the LGBTQ+ community, suggesting that they remind him of the NHS instead. Although the sentiment was there, making the technical bake something with some emotive reasoning behind it, Paul missed the mark with this in his conversation with Prue.

All in all, Week 3 had very few dramas and some delicious looking bread! With Marc coming out on top and Rowan going home, little can be said for what Chocolate week will hold except for some Brownies, Babka and a Tiered Celebration Cake.

Cover Photo by Jude Infantini on Unsplash

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