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The Value of Rituals

Print Lifestyle Editor, Lucy Rawlings, delves into why making time for routines and rituals is useful for prioritising our wellbeing within such a hectic world.
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Over the last couple of years, I have discovered that rituals are a fundamental source to enriching my life. The university’s matrix is driven by hecticness, encroaching deadlines, and often creating an unsettling feeling that each day blurs into the next. It is all too tempting to live in our minds as we begin to grow our individual futures. However, I have learnt that by prioritising small moments in the week to focus on enjoying where you are, right now, it grounds your mind in reassurance that everything is working out the way you plan it to.

For myself, regularly waking up early is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I find mornings slow, peaceful and calming, which encourages wholesome productivity. I make myself hot lemon water and will usually read some pages out of one of Brianna Wiest’s inspiring books. My time away from technology isolates my mind from the lingering thoughts surrounding my university studies and plans for the day, which helps me to connect with the present moment. I have also started to attend evening yoga classes with a friend, and I really enjoy the spiritual aspects of moving in a way that naturally relaxes both my mind and body.

For myself, regularly waking up early is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have recently experienced how developing a new ritual catalyses a healthy change to your routine. After setting myself a goal of running a half marathon, it injected fresh motivation in my life to achieve something other than a desired university grade. Over the summer, I began to incorporate training around my local countryside which helped me to value both the tranquillity of nature and the journey to enhancing my mental and physical strength.

To end what is usually an intense week of work, I spend my Sunday evenings watching one of my most-loved films, such as Little Women or La La Land. Even if I am short on time, I still ensure to watch a quick episode of The Office. This structure solidifies a point in my week where my mind can unwind, which sparks rejuvenation for study sessions ahead.

By embedding rituals into your routine, they illuminate all the positive things life has to offer. Whether it is beginning a new hobby or putting time aside each week to watch your favourite films, it is crucial that we learn to balance the external working world with our internal world, where our minds crave self-compassion and rest.

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