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Fool yourself into fitness

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We all seem to have a never-ending to-do list and getting into shape somehow never makes it to the top. But it takes little effort to incorporate fitness into your routine and make it a habit. It is possible to fool your mind, body and conscience, with a few tricks that won’t drastically change your life or require you to put too much time aside from your busy schedule.

Do what you love

Exercise takes many shapes and forms, whether it’s an energising zumba class or a relaxing yoga session. You may prefer less conventional sports such as rock-climbing or pole dancing (there’s even a society for that). You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own bedroom; have a browse from the wide range of fitness videos and workouts on Youtube, there’s got to be something that suits you. It’s also a great way to discover new types of exercise and release those endorphins!


Don’t choose the easy way

Use the stairs whenever possible and take the longer routes to lectures, those extra minutes walking up hills really do add up. If you’ve been meaning to try out Pilates or go up against a friend at tennis, why wait? It’s amazing how much your mental and physical wellbeing can benefit from simply going outside.

Eat mindfully

Try to savour each bite and eliminate any distractions, taking the time to enjoy and appreciate your meal – even if it was also last night’s dinner. A good way of doing this is by cutting up your food in bite-sized portion, making you eat slower and often less instead of chugging down everything on your plate.

Stay hydrated!

Always carry a water bottle (reusable preferably)! Drinking enough water will help in many ways, from relieving fatigue and headaches to flushing out toxins and helping with digestion. You can jazz it up by adding fruits or juice since you’re more likely to drink it if it tastes good!

mineral water with strawberries, ice and mint in a vintage cup


Pick an aerobic move to do when carrying out routine tasks; whilst washing up, chatting on the phone or memorising for a test. It’s good to keep moving and a few squats a day is always better than doing nothing.

Listen to your workout playlist

This will motivate you by getting you in the right head space. If you don’t have one at the ready Spotify’s selection is great. This will give you an instant energy boost and keep you going for longer!

Whatever path you choose it is crucial to start with a positive attitude and focus on an attainable goal on which to set your mind on. It really can be easy to improve your health and fitness potential and reshape into the best version of yourself!

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