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Self Care Supplies: Creative Breaks

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For me, revision self care is always about being able to take breaks when I need them. I find it impossible to concentrate if my head’s not in gear, so I tend to take breaks when I feel I need them. This can vary from day to day, depending on what I’m studying, or just how I’m feeling. When I take breaks I either like to do a little exercise whilst listening to one of my favourite podcasts (I personally recommend Oh No, Ross and Carrie! for people like me who love finding out about fringe science, cults, and the paranormal), paint my nails, do a facemask or play the ukulele.

After I’ve taken a little me time, I always feel more positive about revision,

Taking the time to do something for me (like doing a facemask) helps me feel relaxed, and when I’m chilled out rather than stressed because it feels like my revision is going nowhere, it helps me see things in perspective.
After I’ve taken a little me time, I always feel more positive about revision, and find it easier to get stuck in. Mid-revision pampering can also help – I keep a tube of hand cream on my desk so I can keep my hands soft and lovely.
Getting up and moving or doing something creative like playing the ukulele also helps take my mind off things, but rather than just de-stressing it actually helps me with inspiration. If I’m ever really stuck on an essay doing some squats or learning a new song nearly always helps me to have a breakthrough. Also, if I ever need to edit an essay but I can’t work out where to start, I find it’s far easier to come back to an essay and read it with fresh eyes after having a little jam to George Ezra or doing some crunches whilst learning about why I really, really don’t want to join Scientology.

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