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Review: Spotlights’ ‘Expressing Yourself’

Anna Romanovska, Print Lifestyle Editor, reviews Spotlights Show Choir's newest show, 'Expressing Yourself'.
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Anna Romanovska, Print Lifestyle Editor, reviews Spotlights Show Choir’s newest show, ‘Expressing Yourself’.

Exeter University’s Spotlights Show Choir performed their newest show, Expressing Yourself, on the 18, 19 and 20 of November, in the Lemon Grove. The title is adapted from the eponymous song that is featured in the Billy Elliot song list. Therefore, it was no surprise that the show took its audience on a wonderful journey of self-love, empowerment, and finding love for the first time, or after having lost your first love.

The only drawback that I found from this performance were the overpowering acoustics of the Spotlights band, which sometimes overshadowed the voices of the choir, especially the soloists. However, a mild technical difficulty still could not distract from the absolute success of the show’s final night. 

There was laughter, tears, and amusement as the ensemble showed off their best dance moves, vocals and excitement, enchanting the audience. The positive energy expressed within some of the numbers was infectious. Overall, Spotlights did not fail to make sure all of the positive messages they were embodying were felt by the entire audience as well. I was filled with a greater appreciation for self-love and self-expression, leaving the Lemon Grove with lots of positive thoughts and a feel-good state of mind.

The evening started off with a fabulously lively rendition of ‘And They Don’t Even Know it’ from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, with George Taylor leading the way. It was the perfect way to grasp the attention of the audience member, making them hungry for all of the acts that followed. 

“… Spotlights did not fail to make sure all of the positive messages they were embodying were felt by the entire audience…”

Personally, my favourite performances were those of Izzy Wicks, and Louise Pope’s performance of the iconic Six song ‘I Don’t Need Your Love.’ Izzy definitely brought out some tears from the spectators with I’ll Be Here from Ordinary Days, detailing her story of losing her first love and moving on from this loss to fall in love again. Her haunting voice was further magnified by the emotions she managed to convey within her facial expressions and body language. Overall, she was mesmerising and delivered a truly convincing performance.

Louise, on the other hand, took on the role of the empowered Catherine Parr, the last and sixth wife of Henry VIII. Her attempts lay in convincing the other ex-wives of the King to re-invent themselves as self-determined individuals, rather than simply hide behind the title of ‘wife.’ She was later accompanied by the strong harmonies of some of her fellow ensemble members.

As the attendees of the final night, we were graced with a surprise performance of I’m a Believer from Shrek the Musical, a perfect, high-energy ending to a fantastic evening!

A special shout-out to Nadya Kumar, who’s raspy alto served as a pleasant surprise, and Nick Ong, for delivering one of the best-delivered and hilarious lead vocals in Sherry from the musical Jersey Boys. My verdict? The show was an undeniable 5-star performance. Hats off to Alice Donnelly, Artistic Director, and Gina Rees, Musical Director, for orchestrating a show full of energy and most importantly, retrospection and fun. I cannot contain my excitement for the next Spotlights show

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