Was June the end of May?

The Conservative Party has garnered a reputation for being exceptionally vicious to their political opponents, not just across the aisle but also amongst their...

Exeter awarded Gold in TEF ratings

The University of Exeter has been awarded a Gold rating in the new Teaching Excellence Framework, making it one of eight Russell Group universities...

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Games & Tech

Why you shouldn’t forget about FIFA 07

I don’t buy Jaffa Cakes. Why? Because they are simply too good – eat one and suddenly I’m on a binge, devouring every one of them in sight. No, to satisfy my sweet tooth...

Devon Constituency Map

Final results from the 2017 General Election.        

A New Dimension

3D printing has always seemed to me one of those futuristic technologies too far removed from the realms of everyday life to actually be viable. I’d be outright lying if I claimed to have...


Your storage with Microsoft DNA

Microsoft is developing DNA technology that could revolutionize data storage by the end of the decade. Just last year they transmitted 200 megabytes of literary classics - 100 in total - onto DNA, and...

Nothing beats a good brew

If you don’t like tea, you should probably stop reading. Who doesn’t love a good brew though? The readers I just lost clearly. Tea is a wonderful beverage, affixed to the English culture (ironic...

Coral reefs: the ‘canary in a coal mine’?

When you hear the words ‘coral reef’, you probably imagine a vibrant underwater community, made up of colourful fish and tangled corals. Taking up less than 0.1% of the ocean area, coral reefs are...