‘Girls Do Lift’ event comes to campus

Five students from the Business School have organised two hour-long gym workshops this weekend, in an attempt to encourage more female students to try...

Exeter sixth worst for casual contracts

The University of Exeter has been ranked sixth in the country for its percentage of teaching and teaching-and-research staff on temporary/‘atypical’ contracts, in a...

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Games & Tech

Gaming on a Budget: A How to Guide

Video games are an expensive hobby, there’s no denying that. At the very least you need an expensive platform to play it on, be it an iPhone, PS4, or state-of-the-art PC. On top of...

Pokémon GO: An Introduction, Not a Full Product

The game of the Summer, by complete surprise to pretty much everyone everywhere; even those clued in upon everything Pokémon were cautious of this game. Jumping from the handheld games where Pokémon were levelled...

Anonymoose – Exeter’s answer to YikYak

Disclaimer: the author of this article was an early adopter of Anonymoose. What is Anonymoose? Anonymoose is an anonymous, location-based online message board. The website is designed with mobile in mind but it works on tablets...


Exeter’s research funding boom

The University of Exeter has doubled the amount of research funding it receives from Research Councils UK (RCUK). During the academic year of 2015/16, the University received £29 million - a figure completely surpassing...

A cure for paralysed primates

A team of scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have developed an implant, which has proved successful in allowing monkeys with paralysis in one leg to regain control and movement of it. If...

What makes up our make-up?

Make-Up plays a huge role in many of our lives. From fully putting on a face for a night out, to stage make-up, to even a regular use of moisturiser, it shouldn’t come as...