University bans Guild-approved event by Friends of Palestine

After gaining Guild approval in principle for a theatrical performance outside the Forum, Friends of Palestine had their event cancelled by the university over...

Lasting recognition for a “unique Chancellor”

Staff, press and visitors including Exeter’s Lord Mayor gathered on campus on 10 February for the unveiling of a bronze statue of Baroness Floella...

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Games & Tech

Dancesport does Strictly Come Dancing!

All the glitz and glam of Strictly is coming to Exeter for one night only! Read on to make sure that you don't miss out on finding out about the most glamorous competition of...


The iPhone turns ten years this year. Scary, right? For ten years we have been at the mercy of this tiny, handheld device, subject to its battery life and its limited Wi-Fi capabilities. Indeed,...

Know what I mean?

ALTHOUGH a basic skill in the sense that it is necessary to our very survival, communication is the most nuanced and elegant tool available to humanity. It shapes and enhances every aspect of our...


Want to try lab-grown meats?

In 2013, a team of scientists from the University of Maastricht made history by producing the world’s first synthetic meat burger. It was grown entirely from stem cells over the course of three months....

Memento mori: Escaping death

'I have always been terrified of death, and no philosopher or holy man has been able to convince me otherwise.' Such are the words of the celebrated novelist Howard Jacobson. From the moment we...
Platypus by Matt Chan

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  Everyone's talking about the hit fantasy film. But our planet holds some pretty magical creatures of its own . . . Platypus Perhaps the most-well known in this list of fantastic beasts, it isn’t only this...


Review of the Australia Open

The Australian Open tournament 2017 symbolised the comeback of the over-30’s, who took centre stage and dominated proceedings. Roger Federer, at the age of...