“The Holocaust was a good time” reads slogan at Snowsports social

Anti-Semitic, racist slogans appeared across t-shirts at an Exeter Snowsports white t-shirt social, according to co-founder of +972 Magazine, Dimi Reider. Anti-Semitic, white supremacist slogans...

BREAKING: University of Exeter falls from The Times Global Top 100

Exeter has fallen to 126th place in the Times Higher Education University Rankings, after reaching 93rd last year. 2015-2016 was the first year for...

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Games & Tech

Blast from the Past: Endless Ocean

During the last generation of consoles, the Wii was widely regarded to have inferior graphics when compared to its competitors. Aesthetically speaking, despite some truly stunning titles – most notably the Super Mario Galaxy...

HelloGames: a failure in managing hype

No Man’s Sky is inarguably one of the most anticipated games in recent years, generating buzz across many communities with its promise of exploring the ultimate sandbox: space. The hook was deceptively simple: you...

Games + Tech societies

So you've arrived at (probably) the best university in the world, and you want your gaming fix while you're here. Don't worry, Exeter has many societies to help make sure that that itch is scratched....



Best of TED: Gene editing and the eradication of malaria

Jennifer Kahn is a science journalist whose articles cover the gene-editing abilities of CRISPR technology. Her TED talk, ‘Gene editing can now change an entire species – forever’ can be found on under...

British astronaut Tim Peake arrives home

Tim Peake, British astronaut returned to Earth Saturday, following six months in space aboard the International Space Station. Peake, 44, a former British Army Air Corps officer, was one of six selected by the...

Is the end of the world nearly here?

H uge catastrophes have occurred throughout history, some caused by the human race and others by the unforgiving hand of Mother Nature. But what could possibly wipe out the whole human race? And what is...