Exeter tuition fees to increase to £9,250

Annual tuition fees at the University of Exeter will rise by £250 from September 2017 and look set to increase further in future years. Deputy...

More than a third of graduates regret attending university

More than a third of UK graduates regret going to university according to new research by Aviva into the finances of millennials. Aviva found that...

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YikYak take further steps to remove anonymity

The social media platform YikYak took Exeter by storm after it launched in 2013. It was by every measure a success – the students loved it, the university supported it, and the company expanded...

Far Cry 2 and narrative harmony

Twenty hours into my time with Far Cry 2 I had shot, hacked and burnt enough men to fill ten graveyards. I set about scouring the remnants of a freshly waged battlefield with mechanised...

Let the TV-ideo Games Begin

TV shows come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Whether you’re looking for some high thrills and chillingly tense dramatic moments, a week-by-week competition in which the colourful contestants get voted off one at...



Best of TED: Gene editing and the eradication of malaria

Jennifer Kahn is a science journalist whose articles cover the gene-editing abilities of CRISPR technology. Her TED talk, ‘Gene editing can now change an entire species – forever’ can be found on under...

British astronaut Tim Peake arrives home

Tim Peake, British astronaut returned to Earth Saturday, following six months in space aboard the International Space Station. Peake, 44, a former British Army Air Corps officer, was one of six selected by the...

Is the end of the world nearly here?

H uge catastrophes have occurred throughout history, some caused by the human race and others by the unforgiving hand of Mother Nature. But what could possibly wipe out the whole human race? And what is...